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[IP] Re: what to carry with you

>If we are going to be gone longer, we have a thermal back pack that is 
>filled with supplies. The school nurse thinks this is too much when the 
>school goes on field trips but Cory's CDE says this is what he needs. 
>So how about you guys? Do you take this much stuff? 

Well first, I find it a little annoying that the school nurse is telling you how 
much stuff is "too much" -- especially since he/she is contradicting the 
advice of your CDE!  You (and your son) should carry whatever you're 
comfortable with IMO.  The school nurse doesn't get a vote!

As for me, I don't carry quite that much stuff, but I do carry an extra infusion 
set and reservoir, insulin, meter and strips, extra syringes, batteries, IV 
prep pads, and even my Quick-serter device.  All of it fits in the small zip 
pouch that came with my pump (except for the meter and strips, which 
have their own case). I also carry jelly bellies for lows. I keep everything in 
my purse, so it's always with me.  I might not "need" it all for just a quick 
shopping trip, but if I'm going to be gone much longer than that, I'd rather be 
able to do a set change while out if I need to instead of rushing home, 
trying to find a store, or taking injections of humalog and testing 
obsessively.  Just my preference.  And I don't really mind carrying a largish 
purse -- I keep other, non-diabetes related junk in in as well!

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