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Re: [IP] "what to carry with you?"

> What I don't carry: meter batteries (can buy those - but if going to a day
event (fair or something - i might), syringes unless traveling - and since I
have a spare pump - don't really know why - except for early training stuck.
> Linda & Dax

Serena wrote:
> I always feel like I'm overburdened with supplies yet I continue to carry
> following:  <snip>  short and long acting (incase
> pump fails me) insulin in a tupperware insulated container,

I carry *A* syringe and it has even been used more than once. ;-) Michael
(this here *boss* of IP) taught me and thousands of others that IF I'd run
out away from home, there are 20 units in the hub of the Luer Lock as well
as 20 units in the 43" tubing. That equals 40 units and my total daily dose
is about 26-30. If empty, I could withdraw that insulin into the reservoir
and use the syringe to inject it.

Although some have said they wouldn't carry any insulin if close to home, I
have been in trouble before that way. After a trip to my regularly-scheduled
hospital weekly injection of EPO and a kidneyologist's app't afterwards (you
know the wait), I felt AWFUL. I had done a site change in the a.m. - this
was about 3:00 p.m. I took a test in neph's office and I was way over 400
BG. I had to take a shot and I was only 4 miles from home. I had to go to
the lab across the street when I left neph. I was already starting to be
confused and really feeling awful. I did the injection with the insulin I
had in my purse but wasn't even sure how old it was. It takes awhile for a
HI like that to come down anyway. Being close to home (less than 10 min.)
isn't always feasible to return. :-(

As for long-acting insulin, *I* would not introduce long-acting insulin into
my system again even for a short period like a day or two until a
replacement pump arrived. Michael also taught that injecting Regular insulin
every 4-5 hours as a basal is better. Add up the basal rate per hour for
that long of a time during that period and you'll have your amount. Inject
Humalog boluses. This might take 6-8 shots, but I'd rather do that than have
the long-acting in my system and overlap Humalog boluses/basals for several
hours when returning to pumping. This is definitely YMMV (Your Mileage May
Vary)  (~_^)

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