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RE: [IP] Odds

Michael [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> hmmm..... OK, how about some new wording for the FAQ? This is a topic 
> that comes up over and over again, so some simplified, albeit sloppy, 
> statistics will help answer some of the questions. Personally I 
> consider the odds a bit meaningless. By the time most people are 
> aware of needing to ask about the odds, they already have kids and 
> the do or don't, will or won't eventually have diabetes. i.e. the 
> question is rhetorical. but..... it does get asked and deserves some 
> kind of answer.

In this case it's a matter of interpretation of someone else's work (at
NIH).  It *does* deserve an answer, but until endos and CDEs are trained in
appropriate counseling, it's doubtful, IMO, that any tables found on a web
site will be very helpful.  By appropriate counseling, I mean providing
parents with information of this sort in an understandable way so that they
can educate their children in turn.

Before this generates a flood of responses, I realize that I have made a
very general comment and that there are many excellent CDEs and endos who
already do precisely what I suggest.  But there are others who hold to the
old school that the prognosis is poor and that there's little point in
fighting the inevitable.

Regarding information for the IP web site, I'll see what I can find that's a
little more useful but uses less jargon.  There may be some documents at

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted
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