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RE: (Fwd) [IP] Re: Filling cartridges....

Gail wrote:
> I have a DTron+.  I use Novolog.  The cartridges my
> pump uses have a RED rubber plunger (not blue) and
> come hermetically sealed full of air (not insulin). 
> It is impossible to inject insulin into them without
> removing air to equalize the pressure.  

Just want to re-iterate that to use Novolog in the DTron and DTron+, 
you must fill your own cartridges. The Novolog pen cartridges are not 
the correct size to fit in the pump even though they may appear to 
fit. Both Disetronic and Novo-Nordisk discourage you from trying to 
use the Novo prefilled cartridges. THEY CAN DAMAGE YOUR PUMP!

To use Novolog in a DTron or DTron+, get the empty cartridges from D 
and fill them yourself.

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