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Re: [IP] What do you carry with you

>>>>>>No offense here, but I can't imagine carrying that much stuff with me 
day.  Don't get me wrong, when I first started pumping I did carry 
stuff, but not now.  I only take my OneTouch Ultra and strips with me 
I'm out and about during the day.>>>>>>>>

same here--just the meter, a syringe, and some gluco snot or a tube of tabs--basically enough
supplies to get me through an emergency till i can get to some real food. it's so nice to be able
to carry those cute little purses now instead of a mega bag! when i was on shots, i had five
syringes, 2 insulin vials, and tons of alcohol wipes (even though i rarely used them) on me at all
times. it doesn't seem like a lot when i list it here, but now that i just have the little ultra
case with the tube of snot inside i feel so much freer! if i weren't a college student i might
carry an extra infusion set with me as well, but since i live here on campus i am never more than
a ten minute walk from my room. one time i ripped out a set during a class, and just tested,
sucked up two units into the syringe from the leaking set, and shot up right there to cover the
basal till i got home. no one cared, since it was a small class and they all know i'm diabetic
the h-tron warns you when you have 20 units left, which is enough for several hours for me, so i
just change as soon as i get home. as for snacky things, i always keep money deposited on my
student ID card to use on the vending machines in case i need an extra boost. i've stopped
carrying actual food because two days in a purse or backpack will convert any pack of crackers
into an infuriating pile of crumbs. it makes me feel a little more normal to not have to carry a
whole survival kit-- easier to live spontaneously =)

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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