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Re: [IP] what to carry with you

> Hi,
> Just wondering what supplies most of you carry with you on a daily
> basis. 
<snip>.  The school nurse thinks this is too much
> when the school goes on field trips but Cory's CDE says this is what
> he needs.  So how about you guys?  Do you take this much stuff?

Lily carries BG meter, strips, glucose and a small syringe.
She has dealt with these issues.
1) running out of insulin in pump.
Draws air into the pump syringe, replaces in pump and continues as 
the air pushes the insulin in the tube for another 20u worth (half a 
day at least)
2) set failure
Draws insulin from leur lock of syringe, or from tubing fitting  and 
injects as necessary. ~10-20u in syringe, even if empty and 20u in 

Since these occurences are quite rare, she has never seen the need to 
carry around a lot of extra stuff unless she is traveling away from 
her "home base". I am comfortable with this and she has handled the 
incidents well (most occured first time when she was a young teen).

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