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RE: [IP] Extra batteries in airports

While I haven't had any problems flying within the US, in September I 
went to flew to Canada and was stopped because of the batteries.  I had 
to account for all batteries in my purse (batteries in meter) and 
carryon, including the extra pump and meter batteries.  Once I explained 
them, it was fine, but I did have to explain each instance of batteries 
in the different sections of my backpack/carryon.

My partner got a total carryon check because he had a mini maglite (with 
batteries in it, of course) and extra batteries rubber-banded to it in 
his carryon.  They didn't really care about his digital camera or GPS, 
but that little flashlight had them all talking.  I recommend keeping 
your extra batteries apart from a flashlight.

type 1 since '93, pumping since '95, MM508
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