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[IP] "what to carry with you?"

I always feel like I'm overburdened with supplies yet I continue to carry the
following:  life-savers, tube of frosting, accucheck, strips, batteries both
for pump and accucheck, extra pump supplies, short and long acting (incase
pump fails me) insulin in a tupperware insulated container, syringe (in case
pump fails me), extra lancets, cath tubing (have  a neurogenic bladder), small
snack, water, cell phone, medic alert card (also wear bracelet), alcohol
swabs...all these things are distributed in my small medical bag and my rather
large back pack.  Most non-diabetics just grab their car keys and cell phone
and are off.  All these supplies make my life more colorful I suppose!

Thanks to all those who responded to my "questions galore"  serena dx'd '76,
pumping about 12 years with "panacea"
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