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Re: [IP] what to carry with you

Purse - meter, pump batteries, site only piece for infusion set, prep wipe, glucose tabs, if I'm going to be out & about maybe a Pria bar if I'm not going to have my mid-morning cereal.

Briefcase - site piece & full infusion set, cartridge, IV preps.

Work Fridge - extra bottle of insulin

day trips out of town - lunch bag with munchies

out of town - lots of stuff to cover anything.

I do think it's important to always have your meter, glucose tabs, and a spare infusion set - when we were in Idaho we had gone into Boise to see The Two Towers - I used the restroom right before the movie - and yanked out my site (being up there in cold country was wearing more layers than usual and was in a hurry yada yada) - so just whipped out my spare - popped it on - and I was into the movie - if I had not had that with me I would have gone over 3 hours with no basal - which is too long. plus couldn't have gone out for our late lunch or anything else - so I think it is important to have that.

What I don't carry: meter batteries (can buy those - but if going to a day event (fair or something - i might), syringes unless traveling - and since I have a spare pump - don't really know why - except for early training stuck.

Linda & Dax
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