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Re: [IP] I'm on my 3rd Paradigm in 6 months..

>" It seems that those who do have trouble with their
> paradigms, have continuous trouble"

Boy, I can understand.  I don't want to bash MM, cause
I think that they are a great company, BUT, my pump
died after less than 7 months.  They sent me a
replacement pump, one that had been "reconditioned". 
I was a bit upset about that as I thought I should get
a new one and hadn't finished paying for the dead one
yet.  I did write to my insurance Co. since they paid
for 80% of the thing.  I figured I would see what they
had to say.  At this point I am waiting for the
outcome.  The replacement pump seems to be doing OK,
but I was a bit freaked out to not have my pump for a
day.  How co-dependent is that?..lol   Blessings,

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