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Re: [IP] I'm on my 3rd Paradigm in 6 months..

What version where your first two pumps? I had the No Delivery problem twice 
and it went away once I got the 1.8 version. 2.0 is now out. 

When I got it in Aug (14th) I had no problems for the first month. Then I had 
the no delivery problems, I got my second pump (brand new). A month after 
that I had a strange problem where the pump wouldn't stay on. It would be on 
then a few minutes later it went totally off. I did get an alarm at first to 
alert me to the problem (thankfully)  , we fixed the pump but MM didn't feel 
comfortable with me staying with that pump so they sent out a refurb pump. I 
have had that ever since mid-late October (Ver 1.8) and have had no problems. 

As Summer said, I LOVE MY PUMP!

dxd age 7 1988, pumping MM since 1992  (506, 507, Paradigm)
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