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[IP] Re: Dtron+ Cartridge Filling

Kevin (& any one else who is still reading this
particular thread of no interest) -

On page 60 of my D-Tron Plus Reference Manual are the
instructions for filling a glass cartridge.  
For those of you REALLY CURIOUS:
(GO TO PAGE 39 OF 90).

Step #22 says "Push the plunger rod down slowly and
briefly, then release it and allow it to slide back. 
This gentle pumping acgtion allows you to inject
insulin from the plastic cartridge into the glass

I seriously doubt these instructions were written for
those of us living at altitude.  The fact that the
instructions indicate that the plunger slides back on
its own indicates to me that there must be greater
pressure inside that cartridge than outside.  WHEREVER
you live.

Plus - if it were just the fact that I live in Denver
- then everytime I were to open a soda can or juice
bottle or Insulin bottle WATCH OUT!!  

Guess it's a good thing too Denver has the most
educated populace in the U.S.  As luck would have it -
the science of manufacturing has reached us here where
the air is thin.  :-)

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11, pumping since 1985-ish, and
am now completely finished with this topic.  Nuff said.

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