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Re: [IP] Bagels

> Ted, the cousin of the bagel gremlin is the pizza gremlin.  If you 
> have a teenager, pizza is the base of the food pyramid.  We almost had 
> pizza figured out on shots-- She took a injection of Regular insulin 
> to cover the carbs beyond the "fixed" number of carbs she ususally ate 
> at a meal. It seemed to work pretty well.  Now on the pump, she takes 
> about l/3 of her expected bolus just prior to eating, another l/3 when 
> she finishes eating, and the other l/3 an hour later, plus checking 3 
> hours later to see if we guess anywhere close to the right number of 
> carbs.  Sometimes, having a life is more important than achieving the 
> very best possible numbers and missing out on pizza with friends.  
> Now if I can just figure out how to correct for indoor soccer.  LOL. 
>  Last night she did great- 85 before the game, l25 after the game, 69 
> pre bed and another snack, 89 this am.  Plus the game was at 5:30 so 
> she ate half a dinner before and the other half after.  

Susanne Mom to Mary l0 pumping 2 l/2 years

> Ted, unfortunately the books neglect to tell you about the bagel 
> gremlin.  I think jewish folklore calls him the golem.  anyway his 
> spirit lives in bagels and you have to always add a few more bolus 
> units to satisfy him.....
> -wayne
>> Hi there  Can anyone  give me  advice  about  bagels,,,.thanks  Ted 
>> Ringelheim   would appreciate  any help I have been on pump
>> for  7 weeks  I  really like it...
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