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Re: [IP] Bagels

Ted, unfortunately the books neglect to tell you about the bagel 
gremlin.  I think jewish folklore calls him the golem.  anyway his 
spirit lives in bagels and you have to always add a few more bolus 
units to satisfy him.  For me it's maybe 2-3 more/bagel. 
Fortunately it's very consistent, so it is easy to figure how much. 
Enjoy *S*

>Hi there  Can anyone  give me  advice  about  bagels  I ate half a bagel
>today  with  egg and  bacon it  thought i was  correct in bolus ...I gave
>3units on Htron  was I  wrong  even after  exercise     BS was over
>200....thanks  Ted Ringelheim   would appreciate  any help I have been on pump
>for  7 weeks  I  really like it...
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