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[IP] What do you carry with you

No offense here, but I can't imagine carrying that much stuff with me every 
day.  Don't get me wrong, when I first started pumping I did carry extra 
stuff, but not now.  I only take my OneTouch Ultra and strips with me when 
I'm out and about during the day.  I don't have a meter at home, and one by 
my bed, and one in my purse as others do.  But that's one of those wonderful 
YMMV things. If I were to be farther away from home (2 or more hours away) I 
MIGHT pack more, but probably not.  Before I left for that longer trip, I'd 
make sure my pump had enough insulin to last for that day or longer and then 
I'd be gone.


<snip>...Just wondering what supplies most of you carry with you on a daily 
basis.  Here is what we usually have in a small thermal bag and it goes with 
us everytime we get in the car: Insulin, infusion set, reservoir, tegaderm 
patch, pump batteries, ketone strips, juice, glucose tabs, pb crackers, 
water, back up test kit, syringes and his inhaler for asthma. In his pocket 
he carries: Test kit and a source of sugar (Lifesavers, glucose tabs, etc), 
pump batteries, ketone strips and small amount of money -- including change 
for a phone.  He also has phone numbers for home, endo and my cell phone. In 
my purse I carry
Glucagon kit, glucose gel, sugar, reservoir and infusion set. This is just 
to get us around town for shopping, etc..  If we are going to be
gone longer, we have a thermal back pack that is filled with supplies.
The school nurse thinks this is too much when the school goes on field trips 
but Cory's CDE says this is what he needs.  So how about you guys?  Do you 
take this much stuff?

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