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RE: [IP] quicksets

I have also had a problem with this at times.  In fact. I have given up
trying to attach the "cap" when disconnecting for a shower etc.  This
can be a significant problem if you don't get it fully engaged.  One day
I had steadily increasing BS's all throughout a day with only minimal
carb intake and despite two correction boluses.  By late afternoon I was
very high and also had moderate-large ketones.  I checked the pump and
even ran a self test which said everything was fine.  I finally (duh)
looked at my site and found the quickset between the two markers.  A
lesson learned...now it will be one of the first things I check

Try just gently squeezing the little tabs on either side and make sure
that you are first lined up with the both triangles before attempting to
turn the quickset.  This can be quite a challenge at times depending on
you choice of insertion sites and the location of the tubing.  I am
still learning.

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hello, I am new to quicksets and am having trouble turning the thing to 
the right palce when re-attaching. any avice out there? i am careful not

to be grabbing the whole unit, and am still having a tough time.
 t1 paradigm last A1c 6.2 yay
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