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RE: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #900 - Paradigm changing reservoir issues

I also have a Paradigm.  I have experienced both of these issues.  On
the leaking from the insulin vial...make sure that when you push the
needle into the vial it goes in straight and the little clips on the
blue part have fully engaged and locked.  If I do this carefully there
are no leaks.  I also had a plunger stick and had to throw an entire
reservoir and insulin away due to it.  Now as a matter of routine, I
always make sure that the plunger will come off before I fill.  I simply
very lightly tighten then loosen the plunger 2-3 times.  I have not had
a problem since.  Good luck.

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<<  recently switched to the paradigm pump.  Those of you who have had
 and the paradigm know that the resivoir is quite different.  Every time
 the syringe after inserting the blue cap of the vile of insulin, the
 leaks everywhere.
 To make that more clear...
 Put blue cap/needle of paradigm resivoir into bottle of insulin.
 Pull syringe to draw insulin.
 During this stage, the insulin leaks everywhere from the top of the
 or insulin bottle.
 Does anyone have a suggestion to prevent this? >>

This happens sometimes to me also, and cannot figure out why.  I also
have a 
problem often twisting the plunger off the reservoir (last thing you do 
before you insert it into the pump, after rewinding, of course).  It
always twist off easily, and sometimes I draw bubbles into the reservoir
this time, even though there were none before.  Can anyone provide an
as to why this occasionally occurs and what I can do to prevent?  I have
go back to square one when this happens (i.e. reinsert the transfer
to get the air out, which delays progress!!!
I've been pumping for over 9 yrs, but only about 7 months on the
These are my only problems with it to date.
Thank you kindly,
Rhea Feldman
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