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RE: [IP] Bagels

I hate to say this but... it depends.  Most commercial bagels have
swollen to the point that they can be as much as 60-90gms of carb.
Additionally, the egg/bacon contained a significant amount of fat and
could have delayed gastric emptying and caused your glucose to still be
high at the 2 hour mark.  You could also use a square wave or dual wave
option on your bolus delivery.  This unfortunately is not an exact
science.  That is why you see so much stated with "YMMV".  Try to
measure as much of you food as possible with a gram scale.  This makes
estimating MUCH easier when you are out and you can't carry a scale with
you (obviously).   Keep at it.

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Hi there  Can anyone  give me  advice  about  bagels  I ate half a bagel
today  with  egg and  bacon it  thought i was  correct in bolus ...I
3units on Htron  was I  wrong  even after  exercise     BS was over
200....thanks  Ted Ringelheim   would appreciate  any help I have been
on pump
for  7 weeks  I  really like it...
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