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Re: [IP] Re: Requested Cozmo Update

> I have been very surprised at how I don't mind having it attached to me.
> This may change in the summer when I am wearing fewer clothes and it
> harder to conceal. But then maybe I won't want to conceal it.

You will be surprised at how quickly the pump becomes a part of you.  I
first got my pump right before my sophomore year in college.  Sometime
during my junior year, I remember seeing my roommate change clothes, and
wondering why she didn't do anything with her pump when she did it!  In a
year or maybe a year and a half, the pump had become such a part of me that
I forgot that other people *don't* wear one all the time.

There are certainly adjustments, like the changing clothes routine, etc.,
but eventually, you figure out what works, and doing that becomes second

Where to conceal or whether to conceal?  I guess you deal with those
"issues" when they come up.  I consider them rather minor, when weighed
against the freedom the pump offers in comparison to multiple daily
injections.  I guess I always figured out *something* to do with it, from my
wedding dress, to formal attire, to shorts with no pockets.

I truly cannot relate with those who consider the pump a constant reminder
of diabetes.  I think it makes it easier to forget.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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