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[IP] I'm on my 3rd Paradigm in 6 months..

Has any one else had this kind of "bad" luck with their Paradigm?  My first
one was replaced after a mere 4 weeks of use due to excessive no delivery
alarms.  It got the point where I couldn't even bolus without getting one
and I knew it wasn't my sites.. I'd even get them during higher basal rates.
So I was shipped a refurbished on, and all was well for a while, until about
6 weeks later, only about a week after changing the batter I got an "E27"
alarm and then a "No Power" and of course the subesquest "Change Settings"
with a new battery.. no idea how or why that happened, DH and I were just on
our way home from a night out at the movies.  I called MM and they didn't
have much to tell me other than "if it happens again, let us know".  Well
two days ago it did it again.. in the middle of the night.. what fun.  So I
took it off and gave myself a shot and went back to sleep (4am is not my
idea of a fun time to try to reprogram my pump!) and called in the morning,
and was sent my 3rd Paradigm earlier today... all seems to be well again,
but I wonder, how long will this one last?

Before I "upgraded" my 508 had been great for 8 months, and now it's only
been 6 months on the paradigm and it's been nothing but trouble!

Anyone else starting to wish they can "switch back" to their 508 or already
thinking of other pump companies for "next time"?  Thankfully MM has been
very great about all of this, but I have to really wonder about the quality
of these pumps!

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