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Re: [IP] Odds

> I have heard that you have a greater chance of having type 1 if your
> does. However, I've also read (in some medical journal somewhwere) that
> with type 1 have, on average, more chldren than do women with type 1.
> Figures: The guys don't have to go through (first-hand) pregnancy with
> diabetes!

Of course.  This makes perfect sense.  When pregnant, I am going to the
doctor AT LEAST every other week, and late in the pregnancy, twice weekly.
A diabetic man doesn't need to worry about things like that when having
another child, because his wife, one would assume, is not also diabetic.

Which gives rise to the question:  What would those statistics reflect if
type 1 diabetic women reproduced at an equal rate as type 1 diabetic men?
One can only wonder.  But I've always taken comfort in the fact that it
doesn't happen often.

Any time my son seems especially thirsty, though, I worry, so I end up
checking his blood sugar periodically.  Every time it is normal.  Sometimes
it is worth it for the peace of mind to check.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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