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[IP] gastroparesis diagnosis, celiac disease

Can this camera also be used for diagnosing gastroparesis and other 
digestive disorders?  I wouldn't let them do the endoscopy on me, 
(call me Weird, but I just don't think its a smart idea to push a one-
tube down the throat of someone who's projectile vomiting....)

email @ redacted
Simpler test for gastro paresis. A radioactive scrambler. Add small 
amount of Tecnitium Sulfur Colloid to An egg, beat with a whisk, pour 
into an oiled or buttered hot fry pan, cook. eat. (doesnt taste bad) 
get under a gamma camera. if the egg stays in your stomach for 45 
minutes or longer without moving you have gp. you dont need a tube 
shoved down your wierd little throat In light of your AD i do not 
recommend anything that stressful. if the eggs are not real good you 
don't have to finish them. don't eat b4 the test. you too may have 
celiac dz as well. absolutely do not have a gastroscopy jenn without 
steroids and full knowledge of your endo and an anesthesiologist. spot

A L Bender. M, D.
email @ redacted
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