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Re: [IP] My flight experience


Glad to hear that your security/flight experience was not all traumatic and
that the screeners understood about being tactile defensive.

But, gosh no wonder you set alarms off! With all that metal on you, you
might just as well tried to drive a Pinto through the gate!   LOL

I thought I had it made.  No coins, no keys, no belt.  But I still set off
every metal detector going  through airports on my way to and from Canada.
Finally on my was back home I got to talking with a screener in Canada.
There were no other passengers so he told me to pick up my foot.  I did and
he scanned the bottom of my shoe and you would have thought I had a Pinto on

"Your shoes have steel shanks in them," he said.  "You will always be
setting of the alarms."

Next time I'm wearing sneakers!!!!!

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