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Re: [IP] what to carry with you

Susan, you need a suitcase on wheels! LOL

In my car, I have a sugar source (like gluose tabs and animal cookies) and a 
syringe. In my purse, I have a syringe and some glucose tabs and I throw in 
my meter when I'm going out of the house.

That's for around town. For general running around, I'm close enough to home 
that I can run back -- or I can buy batteries at a store somewhere. I can 
suck insulin out of my reservoir with the syringe if my set comes off. If 
Elvis says he is out of insulin, I still have about 30 units in my tubing and 
luer neck that I can suck back up into the reservoir.

If I go out of town for the day, I still just have a meter, sugar source and 
emergency syringe. Only if I'm going out of town for a few days do I take 
sets, insulin, back-up meter and such. 

My inhaler is ALWAYS with me! OK, almost always. I have been known to go into 
an out-of-town drugstore, wheezing and asking for them to access my 
prescription for an inhaler because I had sucked mine dry. Breathing is very 
important to me! lol Anything for diabetes, I can pretty much buy, including 
Regular insulin in a real pinch. 

Jan and Elvis 

In a message dated 1/14/03 10:30:02 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< ust wondering what supplies most of you carry with you on a daily basis.  
 Here is what we usually have in a small thermal bag and it goes with us 
 everytime we get in the car:
 Insulin, infusion set, reservoir, tegaderm patch, pump batteries, ketone 
 strips, juice, glucose tabs, pb crackers, water, back up test kit, syringes 
 and his inhaler for asthma.
 In his pocket he carries:
 Test kit and a source of sugar (Lifesavers, glucose tabs, etc), pump 
 batteries, ketone strips and small amount of money -- including change for a 
 phone.  He also has phone numbers for home, endo and my cell phone. 
 In my purse I carry
 Glucagon kit, glucose gel, sugar, reservoir and infusion set. 
 This is just to get us around town for shopping, etc..  If we are going to 
 gone longer, we have a thermal back pack that is filled with supplies.  
 The school nurse thinks this is too much when the school goes on field trips 
 but Cory's CDE says this is what he needs.  
 So how about you guys?  Do you take this much stuff? >>
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