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[IP] Filling D-Tron Glass Cartridges

Gail in Denver Said:

The cartridges do not come as a vacuum.  They are
filled with air.  I wish they were vacuumed so the
bubbles wouldn't reproduce like rabbits while filling.

To which I reply, with big grins and no criticism:

Your cartridges may not be under a vacuum in the "Mile High City" of
Denver. But at my house in Santa Rosa, CA, 125 ft above sea level, the
air pressure outside the cartridge is definitely greater than the air
pressure inside, thus a vacuum.

I would imagine that your cartridges have a greater pressure inside than
out and you have to relieve that pressure before filling.

Another of the many benefits of living in God's Country.  Of course we
do have many detriments also but I try and overlook those. ;)

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