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[IP] travel to Mexico

My family lived in Mexico for two years. My son is a diabetic.  When we
first moved there, I was studying spanish and my instructor translated some
information about the pump into spanish for me.  I kept it in his kit with
all of his diabetes "stuff".  I was concerned that perhaps we would have
problems traveling on the plane if personnel saw the pump.  The following
says basically:  I have diabetes.  On my person I wear a medical device that
delivers exact amounts of insulin.  It should not be removed.  Neither
should it be subjected to strong electromagnetic fields.  It is necessary
for my daily health and to maintain life.  The instrument (pump) poses no
risk to the plane or to the passengers. Here is the spanish version without
accent marks:  Tengo diabetes.  Llevado a mi persona, tengo un insturmento
medico que entrega medidas exactas de insulina.  No se debe remover.
Tampoco debe ser sujeto a fuertes campos electromagneticos.  Es necessario
para mi salud diaria, y hasta para mantener la vida.  Este instrumento no
representa ningun riesgo o peligro al avion o a los pasajeros del vuelo.

Another word to add to your vocabulary is "convulsion" for seizure-
pronounced cone-vool-see-own.  I learned that the hard way (ugh).    Another
word is sangre (sahn-grey) meaning blood.
Hope that helps.  Kathy
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