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Re: [IP] paradigm/resivoir

MAKE SURE that the blue cap is connected to the reservior properly before filling it, it may be loose causing a bad seal, try tightening it before you attach to the vial

Thats the only reason I can see it spilling out.

 I've never had even a drop drip out.  Are you pushing the air from the reservior into the vial first?  After you do that it should pretty much fill itself with very little pulling, and you when you do pull do it gently, so it fills slowly and doesn't fill with bubbles.  

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> I recently switched to the paradigm pump.  Those of you who have 
> had the 506/7
> and the paradigm know that the resivoir is quite different.  Every 
> time I pull
> the syringe after inserting the blue cap of the vile of insulin, 
> the insulin
> leaks everywhere.
> To make that more clear...
> Put blue cap/needle of paradigm resivoir into bottle of insulin.
> Pull syringe to draw insulin.
> During this stage, the insulin leaks everywhere from the top of 
> the resivoir
> or insulin bottle.
> Does anyone have a suggestion to prevent this?
> Thanks,
> Ashley
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