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[IP] Yeah for me!!! ;-)

I just wanted to let you all know that since I joined this site, you have all 
been a big inspiration to me ;-)
Although I am not pumping yet, I plan on being a pumper in the near future. I 
have been diabetic for 15 years and at 27 years old I have yet to be serious 
about taking care of myself.  THAT IS UNTIL RECENTLY.
I was seen by my new endo last week. He is also a pumper which really helps.  
What I got out of my visit was that I was pretty much living in the "stone age" 
as far as my diabetes goes.  He has switched me from Humalog and NPH to Novolog 
and Lantus and I all ready see a BIG difference in my sugars. Hopefully this 
will take care of those 10 and 11 A1c's :-X
And I have finally learned how to carb count. (it amazes me that I have had 3 
different endo's and not one of them has even mentioned this to me)
So when we have a good idea as to amounts of these insulins I should be taking 
we will be closer to seeing a new pumper added to the list! Thanks partially to 
all of you!
Thanks and God Bless!
P.S. I promise to keep you all posted!
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