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Re: [IP] Pumping in Mexico

> just a wild guess, but if you're at a luxury resort, you're not
> going to be encountering too many people from different cultures
> (apart from the people working there, but they'll generally be
> instructed not to question much of what the guests do).  most of the
> guests will be american or canadian, or at least from western
> industrial countries (or just well off), and will also be getting
> tans, wandering around in bathing suits, and you'll get the same

heh... heh... warning about the tan's. You WILL forget, as you tan, 
that the tape over the set spot will leave a "white" spot. Then, you 
will change your set, go out in the sun with your nice new tan and 
end up with a bright RED spot. heh... heh....

This is how I found out about insulin pumps many years ago. The fella 
in the camp site next to our had this wierd RED square patch on his 
tummy. After a couple of days I just couldn't resist asking how he 
got it (he forgot as above). A month and a half later, Lily had her 
first pump.

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