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[IP] Little Brag and Thyroid Question

My last A1C was 5.3, lowest so far.  I love pumping!!  I eat whatever I 
feel like, and enjoy life to the fullest, and still keep my sugars in 
control.  The only thing missing is the continuous monitor from Therasense!
On another note.  My doctor said my thyroid levels were high, and started 
me on thyroxin.  I see that the medicine is indicated from the level, but 
my symptoms don't seem to match hyperthyroidism.  I have a high metabolism, 
I exude heat from all my pores, I really can't take hot weather and love 
the cold, and I have no hair loss.  Since being on the medicine, I have 
noticed head aches and my skin feels flushed most of the time.  Any 
suggestions?  I have a follow up appointment March 13.  Should I call my 
doctor earlier, or live with these things for a while to see if they go away?
Alicia (type 1 19.6 years, pumping 5.9)
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