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[IP] Re: Requested Cozmo Update

I received a private post today asking for an update on my Cozmo experience.
Since I have been asked by a few others in the past to keep them updated, I
am going to answer today's request publicly.

Probably my favorite feature is still that I can enter the number of carbs
and my current bg reading and it calculates a suggested insulin dose taking
into consideration the insulin already on board.  I know from meals which I
can easily calculate the carb grams, that the pumps calculations have been
right on. I originally set my goal at 150. I am now confident enough in the
calculations that I have lowered that goal to 110. My stats really show the
power of this pump:
Time         Number
Period   of Readings    In Target       Above        Below
4 days           34             94.1%          5.9%          0%

The In-Target Range for these stats was between 80 and 170.

I have had pizza and Belgian waffles. I went out to eat at and Indian
restaurant and with the help of Calorie King was right on with my grams.

That 6.9% above target consisted of 2 readings. One was a self inflicted,
228 where I dosed for 1 piece of toast instead of 2. The other was 174 and I
don't know the cause of that but I'm not sweating it either.

I also love the 2 hour alert to retest after every bolus. If I am high, I
can request a correction bolus and give it  my new bg. It then calculates
the amount of the correction knowing the insulin still on board. Most of the
time I have used this feature it is with a bg below 170 and it tells me that
I have sufficient insulin on board and would go low if I took any more. Sure
enough 1 hour later and I am back to 110.

I've had 2 site change reminders so far. Then alerts 2 hours after the site
change reminding me to test again.

I am using the Disetronic Tender infusion sets which are identical to the
Deltec Essentials. I did have one problem when I tried to use my belly as an
infusion site. I don't think I have enough extra there or I was just unlucky
and hit something I should not have. Immediately I could see blood in the
view window of the infusion set. I removed it to have blood gush out and a
pool of blood formed under my skin that was several inches across, swollen
out from my body a half inch or so and hard as a rock. The swelling has gone
down now but I will be purple and green and blue for a while to come.

I am still running on the same battery and since I have been playing with it
more than I probably will on a normal basis, I expect it not to last too
long. Initially every time I went to do anything I turned on the back light.
I have also used the history section a lot going back and entering the days
info from the pump into my FreeStyle Tracker.

I've only loaded the initial cartridge. It will last quite some time with my
small dosages.

I have used the temporary basal a few times when exercising. I've changed it
to 0% of basal for a time period of 1 hour. It then beeps when the hour is
up and it goes back to the regular basal. I only use 1 basal setting.

I have been very surprised at how I don't mind having it attached to me.
This may change in the summer when I am wearing fewer clothes and it becomes
harder to conceal. But then maybe I won't want to conceal it.

Hope this helps - good luck with your meeting today.
Dx 01/29/02
Cozmo Pumping 01/07/03
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