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[IP] Re: Filling Dis Cartridges

Jenny said:
>In your first post it sounded like 
>you WERE trying to inject insulin into the cartridge
>ith a syringe!

I reply:

I AM!  The DTron+ cartridges ARE NOT syringe like. 
They look like empty insulin vials but skinnier.  They
have a rubber plunger on the bottom end (open end)
where the screw thing-ama-jig in the pump pushes the
insulin into your body. There is not a plunger on that
end - or anything for a plunger to attach to. On the
top end there is a rubber stopper, just like an
insulin vial.

The Dtron+ cartridge filling directions are fairly
complicated with all the gear that is required:
Insulin bottle holder
Vial Holder
Syringe holder
Cartridge holder

Did I miss anything???  I have figured out the only
Holder I need is the Cartridge holder to keep the
plunger from blowing out the end as I fill it up.

It is a pain in the rear end, but I only have to fill
a bunch of them every couple of months.  Store them in
the fridge until I need them.

The cartridges do not come as a vacuum.  They are
filled with air.  I wish they were vacuumed so the
bubbles wouldn't reproduce like rabbits while filling.

Hal was kind enough to send me some suggestions that
I'm going to try.

Sorry for all the confusion.  The Dtron+ is a
WONDERFUL pump.  Just wish they made pre-filled
Novolog cartridges.

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11 (today, I'm one month short
of 31 years), pumping since 1985-ish.

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