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Re: [IP] Checking Bg's - Pumping in Mexico

> Jamie,
>   Who is the diabetic, you or him?  Do what YOU are comfortable with and
> don't worry about what this guy thinks (even if he is the doc!)  It is
> what YOU want and hang what anyone else thinks it should be.  They aren't
> living the life!!!!
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua

I think the big hangup here would be convincing an antogonistic dr. to Rx
the supplies YOU want vs. what HE/SHE wants.

Jan (~_^) - more on Tom's party later, too much catching up to do. ;)

Pumping in Mexico

> Learn the phrase "Para mi diabetes" like you would learn "Donde esta el
>  or " Quero una cerveza".

That's fine and great - however, what do the other phrases mean? It's nice
to have the phrases but the interpretation helps to know when to
appropriately use them. YMMV???

Janduh (~_^)
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