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Re: [IP] My new A1c - me

Way to go!!

I should be getting my A1c done either this month or next and I expect the same, my last 3 havebeen in the 10's(don't know any of the others) and I expect this one to be in the 7's as I no longer wake up with constant 25.0-30.0's  I am waking up in the 4-5's and staying perfect all day!  I can't wait!!

I can finally wear my shirt I got from my Diabetes clinic, march break camp, it reads, "I'm A1c OK!"
nobody really gets it but I can wear it and it'll finally be true! :-)

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> I'm so excited!! I just got a call from my endo with my A1c 
> results. It has 
> gone done from a 10(pre-pump) to 8.9 to 8 and now 7.5.  I've only 
> been on 
> the Animas pump for two months. This is great! And I sure don't 
> miss the 
> shots!! I can't remember without looking thru my info what the 
> average 
> result is for 7.5. Does anyone know off hand? Anyway, just wanted 
> to share 
> my good news. It's finally coming down! 
> ----------------------------------------------------------
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