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RE: [IP] Tom's Party

Well Jen, I was accused of being a lurker too!  I used to post a lot, but tend
to run about a week behind in the digests now so when I do respond, I do so
individually as the subject is usually old by that time.  Had a tad more free
time lately and am actually caught up (for now)!


Thank you so very much for a wonderful evening.  Your 60th year anniversary
with diabetes is truly inspirational and I felt honored to be able to share
that day with you.  I was so pleased to meet Jan and Roger (with hockey-puck
in tow) and Bill and Sara (Ms. Smarty Pants to you).  I highly recommend that
when you have the opportunity to attend an event with fellow IPers - do.  The
melodious cacophony (oxymoron?) of beeping that arose when dinner was served
made my husband and I giggle - I've never been with pumpers before!  Me, I
felt like a bit of a cheater as I wore a dress that evening and had my pump
tucked away in my bra (jealous, Chris?).  So if the pictures ever do get
posted, you will all know who I am, I'm the one NOT holding my pump out.

Thank you again, Tom. It was a wonderful evening and you have an incredible
story to keep telling.

email @ redacted
Diabetic 21+ years and yet no longer feeling like an old pro
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