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Re: [IP] Pumping in Mexico

We just returned from Club Melia in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico; it is our 4th 
trip to different parts of that country.

Everyone was very nice; Gabe wears his pump in a pocket, but the tubing is 
quite visible.  Nobody said a word and when I said something (I sometimes 
point to the pump and remind the waiter that Gabe has to have DIET coke), 
everyone was very nice and caring.

At the airport, I had Gabe tell the security that he was wearing a pump 
before he went through the metal detector.  Everyone was very sweet to him 
and no beeps or problems.  The biggest problem was before boarding the plane 
in Mexico; Mexican airport security does not like extra batteries and wanted 
an explanation of the pump and meter batteries I had in my carry on.

I have watching the thread about "Dead Pump".  In the beginning, we had two 
Paradigm pumps go dead; one for an unknown reason and one because Gabe took a 
fall with his rollerblades.  In Mexico, the Paradigm worked like a champ; 
through rollerblades, boogey board, snorkeling, sand, water and you name it.

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