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Re: [IP] Pumping in Mexico

I hope you enjoy your trip to Mexico! I am jealous! I want to head "home" to 
Mexico and visit family.

Anyway,  the word "diabetes" is understood in Spanish...in fact it is the 
same word. You can easily point to your pump and say " Para mi diabetes".  
This will work great when going through security in Mexico. 

When I left Mexico City last summer after visiting my father I got questioned 
about all my medications and diabetes supplies. To this day I have never had 
anyone put so much detail into seeing what was in my bag. It was a great 
thing! They were easily satisfied with the answer that I have diabetes.

Wear your infusion set where you are comfortable. In a large resort you will 
be around mostly americans.  Diabetes, mostly Type 2 , is common in Mexico. 
Learn the phrase "Para mi diabetes" like you would learn "Donde esta el bano" 
 or " Quero una cerveza". 

Have a great trip!

Adriana dxd age 7 1988, pumping  1992
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