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[IP] Tom's Party

I have not been known to throw parties, but on Sat. January 11 I threw a
party to celebrate my survival through 60 years of insulin therapy for Type
1 DM. It was held in a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona, where I live.

108 people were there, including 9 who are T2 and 28 who are T1. I collected
info from each person and found that those 28 T1's have accumulated 836
years of insulin therapy, which includes 105 years of pump therapy for 22
people using insulin pumps (8 Paradigms, 5 508s, 4 507Cs, 2 IR1000s, 1
R1000, 1 D-tron, 1 H-tron).

Four people who have received Joslin and Lilly medals (Roger Campbell 55
years, Jan Hughey 52 years, and Gilda Harris 50 years) were there. All four
of us are pumpers!

Roger and Jan are regular participants in this IP list. Other IP members who
were there:  Bill Anderson, Fran Baumgartner, Irene Cooper, Sara Falconer,
Kelsey Metcalf, Maureen Molloy, Cliff Tener, and Jennifer Ward.

I got out all of my diabetes supply relics, carefully labeled, and put them
on display. Probably the most significant of these were two glass U-80
insulin syringes of 2cc size.

Roger Campbell came all the way from Boston, as did Susan Andrews of the
Joslin Diabetes Center. Jan Hughey came from South Bend, Indiana along with
her friend Jane Reed. Sara Smarty Pants came from Tucson. My sister Beverly
Grossman (3.5 years younger than me) and her husband of 45 years, Felix
(Buster) came from Los Angeles, and so did their sons Peter (39 with wife
Denise) and David (37 with wife Jennifer, son Keith (3) and daughter Kelly

I used my Mac to prepare a 25-page booklet of my recollections, and I passed
out copies to all who attended the party. I have some extras, so if you want
one send a self addressed 8.5x11 envelope with $1.52 US postage for 6
ounces. (I haven't had a chance to check what the international postage
would be.) To get my snail mail address you'll have to send me a private
email at email @ redacted

Lots of people were taking pictures, but I haven't seen any of them yet. I
hope to put some of them on the web, but I've never done that before, so I'm
learning. It will take me a while, but when I get something I'll put a
message on this list.

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
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