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[IP] Re: filling cartridges(paradigm)

My paradigm reserviors also come with air and a blue cap thingy that attaches onto an insulin vial you click it on the vial and push down so the needle enters the vial push the plunger down so the air goes in the vial and turn the whole thing upside down, let go of plunger and it fills it self up, you need to pull the plunger a little so it get really full, then disconnect the blue thingy and the plunger(twist) and attach tubing and stick it in the pump with a little twist and your ready to prime.

I don't know what everyone elses look like but I would assume the air is in there so you put it in the vial without having to draw up outside air(germy).  I don't draw the plunger up and down a few time first either, my trainer told me NOT to, that just draws up germs  I suppose if you reuse them over and over you'd need to though.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

When I 
> fill my
> own cartridges I use the Disetronic glass cartridges which have the
> rubber stopper/plunger thingie(that's a complicated engineering term,
> use it carefully)fully retracted.  The interior of the cartridge is
> under vacuum to help draw the insulin into the cartridge when filling
> it, like the vials they use when you have your blood drawn.  The 
> insulinis drawn from the 10ml vial and injected into the glass D-
> Tron cartridge
> with the same plastic cartridge/syringe that is used in the H-Tron 
> pump,it comes in the D-Tron filling set.
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