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[IP] Pumping in Mexico

Hi:  I'll be travelling to Mexico for a luxury resort vacation pretty soon, and I was wondering if anyone on the list knows what I might expect when I'm down at the pool, from the standpoint of getting a tan and cultural attitudes toward a medical device hanging off my body.

Would it be better to place the (Quickset) infusion set somewhere below the beltline of my bathing suit and let it go at that?or would it be understood if I placed it higher up on my side like I usually do and explain the thing away.  And what would be the good explanation?  Or would anyone care?

If you want to reply by private email that's okay, but please, no diatribes about how bad the sun is for skin.  I've heard that one before.

IDDM for 43 years, pumping for 4 months.
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