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[IP] Filling Cartridges


I too have a D-Tron, use Novolog, and have cartridges (reservoirs) that use a
red rubber plunger.  You're correct that it is impossible to inject insulin
into the cartridges without removing the air inside to equalize the pressure.

The procedure that I find most expeditious, and easy, to refill a new
cartridges is:

(1) insert a sterile needle in a new cartridge so the air can escape and leave
it in until you finish step 2.

(2) use a long narrow object, such as, a pencil (eraser end) or the plastic
cap covering the needle on an insulin syringe, to push the plunger, from the
bottom, up to the top of the empty cartridge.

(3) Then insert the needle of the 3 ml syringe you've filled with insulin into
the cartridge and push the plunger to inject the insulin into the cartridge.

Pressure from the syringe will push the plunger back to the bottom (where it
was) and the cartridge will be filled (with insulin) at the same time.

This method works great and, done correctly, results in few, if any, bubbles.
I can easily fill a cartridge in less than one minute, thus, I refill a months
supply (15 cartridges for me) in one easy, 10 to 15 minute, setting.

I reuse each of my cartridges at least once or twice and, of course, don't
have to push the plunger to the top of a used cartridge, as with a new
cartridge, because after one use it is in that position.  Filling a used
cartridge is even quicker than filling a new one.

Do you use a procedure similar to this?

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