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[IP] Freestyle Meter(Therasense) buy out

Thanks to all who responded to my Freestyle meter question. The financial and
business jargon you tossed around was very impressive. My understanding is
that the company is in financial trouble and needs cash, but has a new product
developed that if they can market will be very ahead of the game for glucose
marketing. If  they get the cash flow the company's products will probably
stay marketable,  just by someone else. So I assume all this boils down to is
wait and see.
I have zero knowledge of businesses and their bottom line health but it would
seem that a company would not continue to sell a product like the tracker if
they were bought out and it was being discontinued. To me that seems to defy
common sense.
So I suppose I should tell my niece to not worry at this point and that there
is still a chapter or two too this story before the final conclusion.
Thanks for all the responses,
Pam, mom to Sara
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