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Re: [IP] Dawn Phenom...

You wanna talk dawn phnom, well I awoke with sugars between 25.0-30.0 EVERY moerning for 2 1/2 years, nothing I did made a difference whether it be 0u or 28u of N, no snack large snack, combinations of unsulins nothing finally about 2 months before pump I managed to get BG's down to 16.0-20.0 and now on pump I awake with sugers of 4.0-5.0 around 6:30 am(work days) BUT when I'm off and sleep in till 9-10 am my sugars are 10.0-12.0 so I am incresing my basals late mornign and will see

I know that there are some people on the list who are still on injections / considering the pump so I thought this might be helpful:

I also have a huge dawn phenomenon (my basal doubles for 3 hours in the morning) - before going on the pump I dealt with this by giving an injection of NPH at 2:30am - I didn't always have perfect morning numbers, but usually managed to be 100-150.
(Be aware, though, that if you do this you will probably need to reduce your morning Humalog / Novalog / Regular)

Also if you are not on the pump yet - here's a reason to get it : sleeping through the night is soooooo great - I'm nearly awake during school!
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