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[IP] Re: filling cartridges

I use pre-filled cartridges with my D-Tron (not a plus).  When I fill my
own cartridges I use the Disetronic glass cartridges which have the
rubber stopper/plunger thingie(that's a complicated engineering term,
use it carefully)fully retracted.  The interior of the cartridge is
under vacuum to help draw the insulin into the cartridge when filling
it, like the vials they use when you have your blood drawn.  The insulin
is drawn from the 10ml vial and injected into the glass D-Tron cartridge
with the same plastic cartridge/syringe that is used in the H-Tron pump,
it comes in the D-Tron filling set.

I hope this helps clarify things.

Gail in Denver said:


I have a DTron+.  I use Novolog.  The cartridges my
pump uses have a RED rubber plunger (not blue) and
come hermetically sealed full of air (not insulin). 
It is impossible to inject insulin into them without
removing air to equalize the pressure.  

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