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Re: [IP] Attached Files

At 1/13/2003, 05:07 PM David Walker wrote:
 > Here is the pictures on how I "where I wear pump" thread. Not sure how to
 >link these pics to your reply email.....This is the first time I have emailed
 >photos from a new camera, so hopefully this will work out.
 >Image #19 shows it clipped to a pillow and the image #16 shows the back side
 >of my Paradigm pump in its Minimed neoprene case, nylon webbing, and Talon

Attachments are not allowed on this site, because of bandwidth and virus 
considerations. You may want to send them to Michael 
(email @ redacted) instead. There is a place on our website at: 
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/faq/setspots.shtml where we have such photos.

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