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Re: [IP] Checking Bg's

> I got a call from my doctor's office today. I've only been pumpimg
> not quite two months, so I'm still faxing in my numbers. For at
> least a month, I called the lady that did my training. Anyway, I
> check my bg around eight to ten times a day, and my doctor says i'm
> doing it way too much. Now I'm only supposed to check before meals,
> and bedtime. I feel more confident checking more, and to know my bg
> is running in normal range, than checking every six hours or so. I
> usually check before meals, two hours later, bedtime, before
> driving, anytime when I'm high, or low. In my opinion if I'm going
> to run high, I'll be able to correct it, before it gets the best of
> me. I get over three hundred test strips a month, so its not like
> its costing me much to check this often, and for me to feel safe.
> What do you guys think?

If you had a pancreas that worked, it would check more than that :-)

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