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RE: [IP] Freestyle Meter (Therasense) buy out

> OUCH!  I just perused their latest 10K report.  
> I get the impression they are waiting for a savior to come and
> rescue them from the tenuous position they have themselves in.  
> They're ripe for the picking I think.
> -Brentm
> --- Denise Owens <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > 
> > I'd like to hope that they get an
> > influx of Capitol and can still bring their Continuous Glucose Monitoring
> > System to market and continue inventing great things for all of us.  

This is the magic. They started on this long before their present 
product was even conceived. I saw the original data from the sensors 
that were in trials with real people just a few months ago (published 
data) and it's rock solid. We're talking continuous readings for days 
at a time that are spot on. I don't have any idea how long it will 
take them to productize this technology, but it looks to me like it 
works very well. The data was presented to an industry meeting a 
couple of months ago so I imagine that there is actually a paper or 
journal around somewhere that we could read if we knew where to look.

email @ redacted
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