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RE: [IP] Freestyle Meter (Therasense) buy out

OUCH!  I just perused their latest 10K report.   If I'd seen this before
I bought my Tracker, I may have decided to look elsewhere for a monitoring
system.   If they get significant competition in the PDA market (which may
not actually occur), then they might be in significant trouble.  Roche appears
to be the only other company with a PDA pluggable glucose meter.  Has anyone
actually seen one of the Roche PDA modules?

I get the impression they are waiting for a savior to come and rescue them
from the tenuous position they have themselves in.   They're ripe for the
picking I think.


--- Denise Owens <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I cannot say if J&J is in negotiations with them or not.  I have no idea at
> this time who they have been talking with. I'd like to hope that they get an
> influx of Capitol and can still bring their Continuous Glucose Monitoring
> System to market and continue inventing great things for all of us.  
> I really admire TheraSense and I like their novel ideas and dedication to
> diabetes.  I truly wish things were going much better for them.  
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