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RE: [IP] Freestyle Meter (Therasense) buy out

TheraSense is a public company. If J&J were to even purchase a small 
interest, there would be public disclosure and SEC filing required 
AND you can bet that TheraSense's stock would make some pretty wild 
moves. As to their financial condition, I'd suggest you read their 
public filings with the SEC (required by law). I think you will find 
they have plenty of cash and are pretty much making their forcasts as 
released to the press in prior months / years. I'm not an analyst, 
but I suspect that given their public statements about growth and 
scientific advancements in their diabetes technology, you should 
expect some pretty good things from this company. If any of you have 
concrete information beyond "rumors" I'd be interested in hearing 

email @ redacted
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Hi Michael,

Yes. You are right.  If a buy out or licensing agreement has been made, it would be public info.  I have no idea if they are in negotiations with J&J or any other major company.

TheraSense does a great job of looking stable. I'm sure if you were to obtain the info. from their web site, you would think they look great.  Double checking their SEC filings might be a good idea.  Checking on other outside reporting information helps with this type of info.  They are in approx. $56 million of debt.  They need a huge influx of capital or an alliance or licensing agreements. 

I hold firm on my position/opinion due to information that I receive at work.   

I cannot say if J&J is in negotiations with them or not.  I have no idea at this time who they have been talking with. I'd like to hope that they get an influx of Capitol and can still bring their Continuous Glucose Monitoring System to market and continue inventing great things for all of us.  
I really admire TheraSense and I like their novel ideas and dedication to diabetes.  I truly wish things were going much better for them.  

I would never make such outlandish claims if I did not have strong presenting evidence to support this.

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