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Re: [IP] What support do we expect from the pump company?

I just had to comment on my wonderful experience with the pump company I
chose. The trainer took over my care from day one, I called her with all my
bg's. She was so wonderful dealing with. For the first couple of weeks, I
had contact with her everday, then every three days, and now I contact my
doctors office. I had contact with this lady for at least the first full
month, until we had my basals set correctly. She was the greatest!! My
choice was very important to me, and I know now that it was the right
comapny choice for me.I have her home number, cell phone number, etc. and if
I ever run into problems, she told me to give her a call. Which I would
probably call her first beforeI called my doctors office. My pump is the
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> My daughter and I met with a pump representative that told us they have a
> nurse available to come to our home to help us through the first month. Is
> this true of most pump companies?  I do not know what type of support we
> should expect?
> Denise
> I went with the Animus pump. I live in Tucson and a rep from Animus drove
> from Pheonix to get me set up twice. First with saline, then on insulin.
> keept in touch via phone calls and internet for around 1 month untill she
> felt sure I was OK.  I have her personal numbers(phone) and she told me I
> could call anytime if I have problems. She was great!!!
> From what I have heard here on the IP site, all the companies seem to have
> ups and downs when it comes to customer service, but I think that is life.
> This is a large perchase and a life saving/altering device, so you should
> expect GREAT customer service from all of  the companies. If I ever do
> encounter poor customer service with Animus, I will try my best to put it
> human error and ask to speak to someone else instead of just blowing a
> gaskett, lol, hmmmmmm sounds like a new years resolution to me ;)
> Tami in Tucson
> pumping since Nov1/02
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